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Jining Shengcheng Chemical Experimental Co.,Ltd.(Jining Chemical Experimental Plant) , established in 1966, a national grade II enterprise and a medium-sized enterprise, is situated in the northern suburbs of the city of Jining "The Hometown of Confucius and Mencius". For the over 30 years since established in 1966, the company has rapidly developed from only producing single kind of pesticide to being able to produce many series of pesticides, insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and intermediate of chemical, becoming a comprehensive multivariate pesticide and chemicalproductsproducing base. The company is a major pesticide-producing factory acknowledged by the Ministry of Chemical Industry and a fumigant-producing factory approved by the State Grain Reservation Bureau.The company, covering an area of 132,000 square meters, has assets of 91.73 million Yuan and highly-qualified staff and workers of over 800, including over 260 technicians, advanced production technology,and perfect quality-examining and-controlling instruments. The products(Aluminium Phosphide, Zinc Phosphide,Profenofos,Red Phosphorus and p- Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde,4,5-Imidazoledicarboxylic Acid,Furoic Acid 4,4’—Bis[(N,N—dimethylamino) —phenyl] methan) of the company not only obtain the favor of the local customer, but also be saled more than 30 nations of world-wide and the region. At the same time, the company achieves more than 30 of honors of National level’s, Province level’s and Ministry level’s etc of China.

Jining Shengcheng Chemical Experimental Co.,Ltd. affords excellent products and warm services with good reputation, and expects and welcomes representatives of domestic and overseas enterprises and companies to hold cooperative talks.


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